NEW CLASS ALERT: Boxing Body Bootcamp

Philly’s Next Champ is excited to announce a new class:  Boxing Body Bootcamp.  The class is designed to teach you the basic fundamentals of Boxing while giving you an amazing workout.  Boxing Body Bootcamp will incorporate the best principals of Boxing, Strength Training and High Intensity Training, all to help you develop that lean, strong and confident fighter’s physique.  This one hour class will motivate you, take you out of your comfort zone, push you further than any other workout you have done before and provide you with the fitness and confidence you have been looking for.  Beyond getting you in shape and testing your limits,  this class will leave you with basic Self Defense skills that will remain with you for life.

Boxing Body Bootcamp is scheduled for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday at 6pm-7pm & Saturday at 10am.  The fee is only $10 per class.

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